Jerney de Wilde | 1987 | The Netherlands

I’m an artist from the Netherlands, creating mostly drawings, prints and books, designing as a freelance illustrator, and teaching drawing and printmaking classes. I studied Illustration and Fine Art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (NL).

I live in The Hague and share my life with my partner Victor, daughters Juniper and Elin and my crazy dog Wicc ♥

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My Inspiration

During the last few years my main inspiration has become my research into the history of folklore and magic, and specifically the stereotypical ‘witch’ and her hunters (and other archetypes of masculinity and femininity).


Drawing, painting, bookbinding and several traditional printmaking methods are the techniques I ♥ working with! On the other hand Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and my Intuos drawing tablet are also an important part of my trusty toolkit.


Louis Ricardo Falero | Faust 1878


Coming soon..


Where/how did you learn to draw?
When I was about 14 I visited several art schools and decided I wanted to study arts. I gave myself little assignments to improve my skills and gained a lot knowledge through online tutorials and art communities (like Elfwood, DeviantArt, ConceptArt.org and The Raven’s Nest).

In 2006 I started studying Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). In the 3rd year I specialised in drawing and printmaking, doing mainly etching, silkscreen printing and making art books.

Because I noticed I loved working on my own designs and prints, instead of doing only ‘client work’, I decided to switch to Fine Art, focusing on defining my own projects. I graduated in 2011 and after graduation I took several courses in many different techniques, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.

Can I Share/Re-blog/Publish your work?
Please check my copyright page before re-posting my work and always ask permission if you would like to publish a piece or include it in a project! For commercial use, of course, you can hire me :).

Would you like to participate in my (group) exhibition/project?
I love participating in publications and exhibition projects. Just let me know what it’s about and include as much info as possible, so I know what I’m dealing with. I’ll try to get back at you as soon as I can.

Do you do personal commissions, like portraits/tattoos etc?
When I have time, I do. Please keep in mind that I work in my own specific style and only ask me to make art if you think that style is totally awesome. Check my portfolio and contact me to see if I am available :). Please add a detailed description of what you have in mind.

Can you teach me how to draw or make prints?
Yes, I teach several courses and workshops in drawing and printmaking techniques from my studio, and also do personal tutoring. Check out the workshops page to see which classes are available right now.

Do you take interns?
At the moment I don’t. I have two great artists assisting me during workshops and big projects and can’t offer you a proper internship right now. If you have specific questions that are not answered in this FAQ, feel free to ask me.

Can you (silkscreen) print something for me?
It depends. If you want me to design something for you and want that printed on (for example T-shirts), sure! Contact me to see the possibilities. If you want me to print an existing logo on shirts, please look for a commercial printer. If you want to learn how to print a small edition of your logo on shirts, ask for my personal guidance rates.


2006-2011 | BA – Illustration / Fine Art
Willem de Kooning Academy | Rotterdam

1999-2006 | Atheneum – Culture & Society
Oranje Nassau College | Zoetermeer



2015 | Haagse Portretten | Grafische Werkplaats + other locations | Den Haag
2015 | Mr. Weiss Zeefdruk & Prints | Mr. Weiss | Den Haag
2015 | HxW Pop-up Gallery & Store | Hector x Wolf | Den Haag

2013 | NEW Festival | De Nieuwe Regentes | Den Haag
2013 | 10 Feet Tall | Grafische Werkplaats | Den Haag
2013 | Van de Straat | Energiehuis | Dordrecht

2012 | Et Alors – Pop-up Gallery & Store | Et Alors | Leiden
2012 | Bone Mother | KunstInzigt | Rotterdam
2012 | Pick me up! | People of Print | London (UK)

2011 | Destillaat | Extrapool | Nijmegen
2011 | Grafiekborrelposterborrel | blaak10 Gallery | Rotterdam
2011 | Festival Wereld van Witte de With | Kunstinzigt | Rotterdam
2011 | Hout Cuisine | Kunstplatform de Kapsalon | Rotterdam
2011 | Aanstormend Talent 2011 | Podium O950 | Rotterdam
2011 | WdKA Graduation Festival | Fenixloodsen | Rotterdam
2011 | Hoogtij ‘Net Niet’ | X10 | Den Haag

2010 | The individual vs. The collective | foundation B.a.d | Rotterdam
2010 | Lord of Flying | De KunstSuper | Rotterdam
2010 | HUREN? – The Fungii Collective | De Botersloot | Rotterdam
2010 | Who Am I? #4 | kamer108 | Gent (BE)

2009 | Guerrilla Store | blaak10 Gallery & Store | Rotterdam
2009 | Who Am I? #4 | Galerie Herenplaats | Rotterdam
2009 | Minor in Druk II | Podium O950 | Rotterdam

2008 | From Zero to Everything | Galerie Zero | Berlin (DE)
2006 | Cultweek/ Jerney de Wilde | Het Kasteel | Alphen aan den Rijn (solo)



2011 | hekseksheksekshekseks! | De Lamiis | Den Haag
2011 | Grafiekborrelposters | Exhibition Catalog | Rotterdam
2009 | Illustratiehandboek | WdKA | Rotterdam
2009 | Who am I? #4 | Exhibition Catalog | Rotterdam
2008 | Van Schulz tot Norm | WdKA | Rotterdam
2007 | De Heks van Schoonhoven | De Lamiis | Den Haag

illustration & design

2006-now | Illustrations and Graphic design for several clients

Gemeente Den Haag | Colours of Impact | De Tuinen van Mariahoeve | CircusKabel | KunstPost | Wijkberaad Mariahoeve | Doctor Fiets | Extrapool | De KunstSuper | Nini Bambini | Witte de With Contemporary Art +more



2014-now | Workshops at Tekenatelier & Zeefdrukstudio Wilde Meijs

Wijkberaad Mariahoeve | J.F. Kennedy Montessori | Centrum voor Kunst & Cultuur Zoetermeer | OBS De Leeuwerikhoeve | Edith Stein College | OBS De Watersnip | J&C Advies | Stichting Colours of Impact | De Tuinen van Mariahoeve | Zondag in het Park | Northgo College | Wijkberaad Bloemenbuurt De Hyacint | RKBS De Vuurvlinder | Waalse Louise de Coligny School | Kinder Academie | Van Hoogstratenschool +more

2014-now | Workshops at Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag

Oxam Novib | Gemeente Den Haag | Nike | Haags Montessori Lyceum | Zein Child Care | Openbare Bibliotheek Den Haag | Montaigne Lyceum | Buurthuis de Sprong | Cimon | IMC Weekendschool | Alfrink College | De Populier | ROC Mondriaan | Erasmus College | Gymnasium Haganum | Art-S-Cool +more.