#1 Weekly overview

Normally I’m not really busy with New Year’s Resolutions (I don’t stick to them anyway), but since the last year has been a very reflective one, it’s time for a change!

Inspired by Koen de Wilde (coincidentally not related), who posts about his activities with a weekly overview, I plan on doing the same. Koen is a great designer with really neat products and many inspiring and often collaborative projects. I can imagine he sometimes lost track of his activities when he decided to blog about them. For me at least that is the main reason for starting mine. I tend to forget how many things I’ve achieved in a week, so these overviews will be a reminder and also a way of keeping track of my productivity :).

Last week was great! We did the second Snowflake workshop for kids in the neighbourhood. We cut paper snowflakes and silkscreen printed them on tiny handmade pillows :). The kids had a great time and I’ll probably be doing this workshop again next year, it was a lot of fun. I plan on doing more of these special workshops during the school breaks, so easter, here we come!


More Snow!
The next day we drove to Limburg with friends for a relaxed and snowy 3day-sabbatical during the New Years celebrations. The dogs were outside all day, Victor and Maurice tended the fire and we had a great run in the dark forest right before the shift of the year, guided by little Mila. No computer or phone for me, for a proper reset. When we returned to The Hague I felt a bit annoyed being reunited with my computer and to do list, so I locked myself into my studio for the weekend, cleaning and reorganizing my projects. I finally made up my mind on which project I want to work on for now, so started on that. I also bought a new camera to finally take proper photo’s of my work again. I wrote my second reflective blog and my first weekly overview, which makes it a good week to start off the year! Best wishes to you all ♥