#10 Weekly Overview

Cuts and Bruises

Last week apparently I didn’t close the plastic bag of my sculpture properly, so it dried out too much. We had to cut her up and spray her to make the clay useable again. Good thing to experience though, because it really shows how you sometimes need to tear something apart to improve it and not to be afraid of loosing that good bit you’re proud of. It’ll become better if you destroy bits along the way :). With that in mind I chopped off her entire arm because it had the wrong dimensions and it was in the way of sculpting the baby, so “Off with that head! ehm..arm :)”. I’ll make her a new and better one!

Funny thing I just noticed: Because it is a self portrait, every little thing I do to her feels like I’m doing it to me. Now read back what I just said and look at it in the perspective of my wrist injury and my pregnancy. Art is great ♥


T-shirt Workshop

Thursday I did another T-shirt Workshop at my studio with some great results. I can’t help but love what people do during my workshops! I give them some guidelines and instructions and they surprise me every time. This specific workshop people already had their designs made (and some even already cut) at home, so we decided to do two layers instead of my intended one layer designs. I love being able to go with that flow and make every workshop personal :).


Allowing ourselves to become fully human

And last but not least, Juniper and I went to the International Women’s Day Festival. Great workshop by Jens van Tricht about how we experience gender and emancipation for women AND men, also known as just humans!

“In essence, we are whole human beings, full of human potential. After birth, we are suddenly divided into two oppositional groups: you’re either a boy or a girl. Boys are supposed to have, develop and show only those human qualities labelled as ‘masculine’ and suppress the ‘feminine’ qualities. This internal division and seperation of our human potential causes many problems, both on a personal and on a social level. Women have taken on the challenge already for a long time, now it’s up to men to start exploring and developing the ignored, denied and suppressed ‘female’ characteristics in themselves. Only by allowing ourselves to become fully humans again we can achieve gender equality and justice in the world.”