#12/13 Weekly Overview

De Vloek zal voortbestaan!

Sympathizers of the squat De Vloek (The Curse) in Scheveningen are doing a 4-day protest called ‘Carnival van de Onderstroom’ (Carnaval of the Undercurrent) to fight for the existence of autonomous free spaces. They’ll be doing a lot of cool activities to show the diversity of their projects and people: Alley Cat bike rides, Street Raves, Pub Crawls, Raft building, a paper lantern march for “The Next Generation of little Pirates” and more!

Artist showed their support by making tiles to put up in the city. Most of them spray painted theirs, but I wanted to silkscreen print one. It felt good making this, it was fast and fun and veeeryy pink. I designed it as red, but the thing is, I don’t really like red.. But somehow I know my art is in my ‘red period’, yet I’m not really giving in to it yet. So this became pink :). I printed some tiles and a few mini-posters.


Hector x Wolf

I was asked to make a design for clothing label Hector x Wolf to use during their live events. They have several different projects, so it is not clear how and in which one they’ll be using it, more on that soon :). I worked on this linocut design that will eventually be silkscreen printed. Not done yet, but I like where it’s going :). Also VERY happy that my hand is capable of doing linocutting again. A while ago I couldn’t hold a cup of tea..and now back to this. Very nice to see and realise this.


I took her home

This was my last lesson at Josine Croin’s studio. I tried to complete my sculpture as much as possible, brought a box and took her home. She’s in my studio now, waiting for me to finish her :) Feels good.