#14 Weekly Overview

All done!

I really couldn’t wait to finish my sculpture, so Monday I took Juniper to my studio to sleep (because workers were busy in our house). Limited to her nap I did my finishing touches, big decisions and last but not leasts. This is how she’s become :). After drying for weeks I will paint her, but I’m not sure what colour/style yet. It really has been a great project. It got me out of my mini artistic identity crisis after becoming a mom and now I’m back to drawing withes and lycantrophes again ha! Getting to know this medium was refreshing, challenging and soothing. I will definitely do more sculptures in the future. Who knows, I might eventually become really good at it :)!





Also done!

This is the week of finishing things, yeah! Hector & Wolf design is also done, mailed it and they liked it, Whoohoo! Not much to say about it besides it really feels like going back to my roots and happy being able to do it again :).



De Lamiis / Wilde Meijs

For a while now I have been thinking of switching names for my workshop audience. Although I love the name ‘De Lamiis’ and I get quite a lot of responses on it being an intriguing name, I also get too many people spelling and pronouncing it wrong and asking me “what it is” hehe. Because I was already going to use ‘Wilde Meijs’ for my design work, I decided that will be the name for all my “commercial activities” instead, like the workshops, clothing and commissioned work. And for my autonomous work I will be just me, meaning this website :).

So I had to rename and switch a lot of data on my WordPress sites, which was a lot of work, but all went well and I’m happy that I finally did. And all is not lost, De Lamiis will still be the name for the Publishing Agency (to be). I’m still working on that website, but that features a WordPress webshop (I finally found one that works well! Whoo!) and will sell different brands. As for now, the new logo for Wilde Meijs!