#15 Weekly Overview

Workgroup Figuredrawing

Tuesday we did the first session of the weekly drawing lessons. I have a small group to start with, which can grow in time. So nice to work with a group that I will see on a regular basis ♥! We did an introduction and a little Figuredrawing Workgroup session on the anatomy of skulls. Next week: faces (with skin hehe)!


Graduation Project

Graphic Lyceum student Mel Lamers came to work at my studio for a day to silkscreen print his graduation project. Nice guy to work with and he was very happy with the results :).



And last but not least we did the first kids party at Tekenatelier & Zeefdrukstudio Wilde Meijs! We had 21 10-year olds running around and silkscreen printing their Fantasy Creatures! I didn’t have time to make a lot of pictures, but the family did, so I hope to get them soon to put them online. The kids were great, the team was great and the family was as well :). Amazing day that made me very proud :D!