#18 Weekly Overview

Drawing sessions

A happy little snapshot of my Tuesday drawing class :). These sessions are getting better and better every single week. Not only their skills take huge leaps at a time, but also the mood is so great every week :). I couldn’t be happier with it!


My little artist ♥

Another thing that melts my heart is seeing Juniper growing very fond of books and drawing! She has a big plate in my studio to draw on and spends hours on it in between playing. She actually colours in the faces other people drew on it hehe.


A Carrousel!

Owww..finally the silkscreen printing carrousel was delivered at my studio! Something went wrong at the post office, so I had to wait for it for 4 days in a row (because the Track&Trace kept saying it would be delivered the next day). It came in 3 big packages, being more of a puzzle than anything else hehe, so Stefan and Victor put it together for me, thank you guys! ♥



And last but not least in the weekend Gloria and I silkscreen printed quite a few shirts at DREAMS Free Festival at F.A.S.T. Victor & Juniper were there with CircusKabel. People could bring their own items to print the Dreams logo on :). The weather was great, the people were awesome; it was one big celebration of sharing your passion!