#19-23 Weekly Overview

The past few weeks have been quite intense because my mom finally went into the hospital to undergo a heavy surgery and we got notice we have to leave our studios pret-ty soon.. Yeahh..that sucks..So I couldn’t really focus on documenting my activities; I was happy to just get them done. Here’s a select overview of the past month:

“Better late than never”

I prepared these oldies to be screen printed in a while (I promised myself to finish another project before I can work on these), they were made a few years ago, but never finished and part of my “Better late than never” project for 2015.


Figure drawing again!

At my monthly figure drawing class we had a male model called Piet de Rots modelling for us. He was great and because we only had a few students that evening, I decided to draw 2 poses as well. Although I’ve been teaching figure drawing classes a lot lately, I was quite happy to see how smoothly I put him on paper after such a long time. My hand was acting up only a little bit, so that was really nice. I’ve still got it, Yeah!


Catharinaland Veggie Gardens

We’ve posted the flyers and slips for the Catharinaland veggie gardens. Hope to start the project soon!


Painting faces AND turds..

And in the middle of it all I went to the performance of Victor’s Wednesday circus group. I’ve been to all of their last few shows and took photos of them for the CircusKabel restyle, so I am growing quite fond of these kids. I helped out with their grime and ended up painting a turd-prop for the show haha..I love how these things just happen :P.


Tuesday Drawing Class

The last drawing class was themed Flora & Fauna. I arranged a small stuffed fox and a pheasant and asked my students to bring items they wanted to draw. I like how they are finding their own themes and styles within the framework of my lessons :).



Helping Hands

Victor finished installing the carrousel, with a little bit of help from Juniper haha (If she is going to be an engineer I’m not surprised!). We are going to add more arms to it, so it’ll be a 4-pallet table instead of 2, but we’ll have to wait for the new studio to start on that.


100 times Kugra

My friend Eli has been assisting and working with me for a while now and she has printed her first batch of shirts at my studio. I haven’t found the time to work with my carrousel on my own projects yet, but she definitely warmed it up! She helped me figuring out the flash dryer settings and worked her ass off to get 100 shirts done in such a short time frame :). She is great to work with and also very precise, which is great to reduse the chaos in my head at the moment. When I look at those neatly aligned piles of shirts, she makes me very proud! :)



And last but not least, I printed some of the silhouettes for CircusKabel at their 5-year anniversary last Saturday! I really like how they turned out :) It is actually becoming a really cute series! More of these soon :).