#2 Weekly overview

This week has been quite busy, but kind of chaotic. Victor had a lot of activities for the circus, so I had a lot of stay at home ‘Juniper-shifts’ as we call them :). And although they are great fun and I do get work done when she’s around, focusing is just a lot harder hehe. I’m happy that I started these weekly overviews, because I’ve been doing so many small yet invisible things that I could feel like I haven’t been productive, but I have! It’s just a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I was running out of supplies for my workshops, so I ordered and picked up those. I also fixed small things like the template for my mails via Mailchimp (check it out if you don’t know it yet!) and finished a very urgent part of my administration. All not that fancy and very time consuming, but also very important. On the other hand, speaking of fancy, Victor has installed the industrial sink he took out of his old house (the demolished squat known as the Sambalbar) which makes my silkscreen cleaning unit quite fancy ;)!


Silkscreen Printing course INTRO

Thursday we had the first lesson of the Silkscreen Printing course INTRO. We made stencils and I showed how to make transparents for printing. The one-day workshops are fun, but I really love working with people for a longer period ♥! I already look forward to the next lesson.