#3 Weekly Overview


This week I did a workshop with a group of entrepreneurs that were coached by J en C Advies and their teachers. We followed many classes together and this was our final activity as a group :). It was so much fun, I loved showing them what I do instead of only talking about it! We also had the second class of the Silkscreen Printing Introduction course which was great as well. Great group to work with and nice results. Sooo, much more to come of these people and this course, yay :)!



New Territory

As for my own work, I did a sculpting class this week! Yeah really haha. I’ve been wanting to do it for ages, but never did and now this great sculptor Josine Croin came along who wanted Juniper and me to model for her, and I’m taking sculpting classes in return :). It was absolutely wonderful to work in a totally different medium and to get such practical and direct feedback again. I’m still getting used to fixing my anatomy in 3D, but I loved doing it!


Another thing I worked on was improving my sewing skills. I always have a million ideas for projects that involve sewing, but actually I kinda suck at it, so I always end up asking my mom or Victor to do that part of the project. I want to be able to do it myself, so I bought this really nice book on eco doll making by Fiona Dalton which was on sale and started on a little DIY felt owl Kit Victor got me a while ago. It is just a funny little project, but it’ll get me warmed up for bigger things. It will probably take me a while to finish though, because I’m doing it in between my other work, but it felt good (no pun intended) finally putting myself to it.