#4 Weekly Overview

Work in progress

It’s been a bit of a weird week with lots of stuff suddenly going on in my personal life and mainly many appointments for new projects, so let’s call this week a talkative one? Not many visuals, so I’ll just give a little overview of the things I’m working on.

I’ve got a new design project coming up for an initiative by Foundation Colors that supports and stimulates women in their personal development. The project will consist of workshops and gatherings and I’m going to work on some of the visuals and probably develop a workshop with a creative theme. The project has great potential and I really look forward to help making this initiative a success :).

Also, the project Victor has been working on with Tuinen of Mariahoeve to create little neighbourhood vegetable gardens in the street I live in, has been given a proper ‘go!’. They did a similar project last year near our studios, which was a great success. This time I will be involved to design the leaflets, impressions and the signage for the gardens :). Because this is a funded neighbourhood initiative to improve cohesion between the residents, we can shape and design the project any way we like and I’m really excited to work on our own facilities for our herbs and veggies!


Fully operational!

We also finished another lesson of the silkscreen printing course INTRO, which involved burning their designs to the screens and experiencing the difference between working with stencils or light-sensitive emulsion. Another great step for me, because it shows that my studio is fully operational now. All facilities are up and running and I can finally do every step of the silkscreen printing process in my own studio. Things like the industrial sink and the UV-lamp had been lying around for ages, but now they are being used and I’m very happy to see everything falling in place the way I imagined it :)