#5 Weekly Overview


Two works in progress from Wednesday’s drawing session. Left one was just a quick sketch to show my friend Eli how I build up my portraits, but it turned out quite ok, so I will be finishing it soon :). Other one’s a remake of my drawing from a while ago, because something just wasn’t working in the previous one. I like where it’s going now! Hope to finish them soon :).


Tuinen van Mariahoeve

I joined the meeting for the vegetable-garden project at Stadsdeelkantoor Haagse Hout this week and I made a proof version of the flyer to accompany the official letter from Gemeente Den Haag and Staedion. Still needs some work and I think I want to do it on A5 instead of the A4 we decided on earlier, but it’s a start. More to come!


Every now and then you have a silkscreen printing project that is really fun to do, but just every single part of the process that can go wrong, does. The reproduction of the Intwined Tryptich is one of those. I had quite a few weird things happen with the screen, including emulsion past it’s due date (never had that before..). I’m still enjoying it, but I’ve been busy with it for weeks and only just today I had the first results. And as one might expect (I already saw it coming), it turned out that the screen had not the same amount of detail as the 2011 version. And it should be the same…so once again I had to clear a few screens and I actually wiped all the prints I did today off (one very big plus of working on glass :))


Last week..or not?

Also we did the last lesson of the 4-week silkscreen printing course INTRO. I had so much fun with this group and because they were kind of my pilot-group in my own studio we decided to work together one more time soon :).