#7 Weekly overview

CircusKabel Flyers

This week I made the flyer for the CircusKabel 5th year anniversary! Last week I took pictures of the kids to make silhouettes in the style of the existing logo. We wanted to use a style that we can use throughout the website, flyers and other media. This flyer is the first bit and I will apply it to the website soon :). Fun project to work on and I’m quite happy with how it turned out! It’s always nice to work for someone that, after giving some basic guidelines, just says “Do whatever you want, you’re the artist.” More of those assignments please :D.

Flyer_CK_13feb_Voorkant_web Flyer_CK_13feb_Achterkant_web

‘The Art of the Hole and the Lump’

I was finally able to do another sculpting class. It is really great to discover a new medium like this. Every time I think the anatomy seems right now, it turns out about a million things are still a bit weird or just plain wrong when you look at it from a different angle haha. Also a good project to force me to stop thinking for a couple of hours :).


The Zoo

Saturday we went to the Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo. We had a great day, Juniper was amazed by all the impressions, but I also found it quite difficult to experience the sadness of it all. Most animals were still inside and their indoor areas are just horribly depressing… On the other hand somehow the trip constantly brought me back to the last time I visited Blijdorp during one of our drawing classes when I was studying Illustration. I really want to go drawing in a zoo or a museum of natural history in a while!



The group I did the Silkscreen printing course INTRO with came over another time to work on their projects and they all want to attend the second part EXTRA of the course, yeah! The remainder of the week I worked on printing the Intwined Tryptich, getting there slowly but steadily..I hope to put a big amount of hours in that next week.