#8 Weekly Overview

Bit of a weird week in which I didn’t document most of my activities, so this’ll be a short one. I worked on several things like the Intwined Tryptich and I had another sculpting class. I forgot to take pictures, but it is really becoming a proper sculpture! After messing around with anatomy, I have to start making decisions on style now, so that’s a whole different story :).

Fabeldieren (Fairytale Creatures)

I made some simple flyers for the upcoming Silkscreen Printing Special for kids next week and this time we actually put them up in every shared porch in a few streets. I’m quite curious to see what result that’ll have. More info: http://www.delamiis.nl/?work=zeefdrukspecial


KAR (Children’s Artistique Route)

Also this Wednesday a few artists from my building and I had kids from OBS De Leeuwerikhoeve visiting our studios for their projectweek on art, showing them what the domain of an artist looks like :). Very different conversations and responses per group, but all very funny :).