#9 Weekly Overview

Fabeldieren (Fairytale Creatures)

The Fabeldieren workshop with the neighbourhood kids was great. They liked it a lot and the results were really cute :). Because the workshop was a success and we already got in a request for a children’s birthday party before even doing the workshop, this will be available on demand now! Every school break I will try out a new workshop and the ones that are nice to work with will become available. The kids also told me what type of workshops they would like to do and what they liked about this one. Great to get some feedback from them :). I think next time it will be a drawing workshop only (so no silkscreen printing), but I’m still working on the concept.


Marketing Plans

Last week I wondered what effect spreading 200 flyers would have and turns out we did not reach anyone..not one kid. Everyone there got in through mouth-to-mouth. I was quite amazed and disappointed about that and later this week I decided to do a Like & Share giveaway on Facebook for the T-shirt workshop next week, but that didn’t get much shares either. I’m not sure what’s going wrong yet, but I have will be rethinking my promotional strategies, that’s for sure.. It’s not my favorite stuff to worry about, but essential.