∞ Destined to Transform

Becoming a parent comes with many huge changes. Practical and sometimes difficult ones, like sometimes having to plan every living second of the day, but also way bigger things like suddenly not knowing who you are anymore (yeah really). Ever since Juniper is born, I’ve been redefining what I consider to be ‘me’.

I was filled with an overwhelming amount of love and an almost effortless timelessness took over my life when that little being entered this world. All I thought I knew is different. All that seemed important disappeared and suddenly all I had planned seems silly. I don’t know if every new parent experiences this, but I can tell you, for me, becoming a mom gave my life so much new meaning, but also left me very confused.

It is really beautiful to see how nature makes you go into a little cocoon during pregnancy, because after giving birth you really are a different person. Every time Juniper looks at me, she looks right into my soul and I am so aware of what she sees. It makes me work so much harder trying to be and become what I consider a good person.

Redefining myself comes with cutting off a lot of negativities and creating new ways of creative thinking and at this point I feel a strong need to share this process with the world. I plan on putting my ponderings down for the sake of ‘artistic documentation’ and simply me being the boss of my own blog (ha!).

“A witch’s soul is like a butterfly. They are both destined to transform.”
― Unknown Source