∞ What’s Worth Keeping

For a while I wasn’t sure what I wanted with my so-called ‘web-pressence’. Ever since Juniper is born, my digital life has on one hand been set to the background and on the other hand I’ve become more active in promoting my workshops etc. Since January 1st 2015 I started keeping track of my activities to show what I’m up to, but mostly for myself not to forget that I have been a busy girl, although I didn’t make autonomous work.

A few weeks ago however I took my website down, because it wasn’t working for me anymore. I didn’t know what bits were important anymore and which weren’t, so I took some distance. I immediately missed (referring to) my website and making the weekly overviews, but it was good not to be busy with it for a while. When I put it back online last week, I could look at it with a fresh view and transforming it only took a couple of hours. I suddenly knew what I wanted with it. The portfolio-section and some texts still need a bit of work, but the rest of the website is done :).

In the meantime, I suddenly made more creative work, so I will definitely try to limit my online hours again! I took some time however to catch up on my weekly overviews, so that’s all up to date now :). And for the rest of this day, I’ll just close my laptop and go outside and to my studio (as soon as the little one wakes up)!

“Distance lets you know what’s worth keeping and what’s worth letting go.”
― Unknown Source