03.2012 | BONE MOTHER | Exhibition Illustrations

Bone Mother is an exhibition project I did with Robin Pieterse and Feline Zegers, for KunstInzigt. For this exhibition we individually depicted our visions on the Russian fairy tale ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’. Combining digital with traditional techniques, we created three narrative series of illustrations.

Inspired by the rich world of folklore and storytelling, we returned to the nostalgia of childhood, all retrieved different life lessons, and reflected on nature, family ties and feminine independence. We questioned whether Baba Yaga, the witch in this story, should be considered a bad influence or an alternative source of guidance.

We were interviewed during the opening by Cineac TV, which broadcasted the item on TV Rijnmond. You can view it at the bottom of this page (or on youtube)

The Witch’s House

With Solid Locks

A Skull’s Gleam

Blue Rose Brew

The Final Task