Client Work

Interested in working with me? Have a look at my Portfolio and the client work below to check out my style and if you think we could be a match, please send me an email with details on your project, how far you are in the process, an indication of your budget and timeline and anyting else I need to know. Below a little list up front to give you an impression of the type of work I do, and do not do.

I love to design:

  • murals (indoor & outdoor)
  • streetart in a broader sense of the word
  • flyers for an event or an initiative
  • logo for your small company or project
  • websites for your small company or project
  • etc…let me know your idea?

I do not design or make (anymore):

  • Brightly coloured work (really, it makes me miserable hehe)
  • Birth announcement cards
  • Editions of your logo silkscreen printed on shirts/bags/etc.

Interested in working together? Contact me!

5 + 2 = ?

Murals & Streetart

Murals for companies, community projects and private clients

2022 | Catharina
Mural collaboration with Tobias Becker Hoff for Staedion, supported by The Hague Streetart


Logo’s for small businesses and foundations

2018 | Toverbosch
Identity Logo for Toverbosch

2018 | Bij de Elzen
Logo for Ingrid van den Elzen

2019 | Festival de Beleving
Logo for a (cancelled) Festival

2014 | Bouwspeelplaats
Project logo for KunstPost

2014 | Jerney de Wilde
Logo for myself 😉 (2020 revamp)

2022 | BeestjesBende
Project Logo for Toverbosch

2020 | Buitenkamerworkshops
Project Logo for Cultuurvlinder

2019 | Portiekkunst
Project Logo for Cultuurvlinder

2021 | Cultuurelfjes
Project Logo for Cultuurvlinder

Identity Styles

Logo’s and complete Identity Styles for small businesses and foundations

Since 2014 | CircusKabel
Identity style for youth circus CircusKabel (based on an existing logo + colours), including flyers, clothing, banners, the website and more

2022 | Welkom
Beachflag for several local partners in Haagse Hout


Flyers for …

2022 | Lampionnenoptocht
Flyer for Toverbosch

2022 | Corona Activiteiten Budget
Flyer for Gemeente Den Haag


2022 | Proefparade
Flyer for several local partners in Haagse Hout

2015 | Women Empowerment
Flyer for Colours of Impact

2015 | Conferentie Social Media Mariahoeve
Flyer for Gemeente Den Haag

2011 | Destillaat
Riso Flyer for Destillaat exhibition at Extrapool



2023 | Voedselbos Mariahoeve
Website for Voedselbos Mariahoeve

2020 | Sunshine Yoga
Website for Sunshine Yoga, collaboration with Studio Eigenhuis

2021 | Ester van der Werf Tuinontwerp
Website for Ester van der Werf Tuinontwerp

2014 | CircusKabel
Website for CircusKabel

2018 | Toverbosch
Website for Toverbosch

2020 | De Tuinen van Mariahoeve
Website for De Tuinen van Mariahoeve

2020 | Lekker Buiten Bezig
Website for Lekker Buiten Bezig