About me

My name is Jerney and I’m a printmaker from the Netherlands, creating mostly drawings, prints and murals, designing as a freelance illustrator, and teaching drawing and printmaking classes.

I studied Illustration and Fine Art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (NL). I live and work in The Hague with my two daughters ♥

Main Activities

  • Making Drawings, Prints,
    Products & Murals

  • Designing & Illustrating
    Commissioned Work

  • Coordinating our Community Project ‘in het Toverbosch’

  • Teaching Courses & Workshops
    in art and nature education

Photo by Veronica Veerkamp @ Mesh Print Club


My biggest source of inspiration comes from a deeply rooted interest in the history of folklore and the belief in magic.

Specifically the stories of Witches and their knowledge of nature, their strength and their openly exposed femininity. These strenghts, that become the reasons they were hunted, have always fascinated me in life and in my creative work.

The social-economical conditions for witch craze to occur and witchcraft being prosecuted as a ‘gendered crime’ still connects sorcery to several aspects of contemporary feminism. Many of my projects are somehow related to these themes.

Luckily, making art is also the most constructive way to tame my everlasting pondering mind ♥.


Drawing is the foundation of all my work. Everything starts on paper and then evolves into a painting or a printmaking technique of choice.  I ♥ working with traditional methods, because they surprise me and get me out of my head and into the material.

Recently I started painting murals, which is very different because of the scale. For me, drawing is really someting intimate, focusing on little details, being in my own little bubble and has a calming effect. Making murals is very public, physical and energizing, so that is a welcome addition to the mix!

For digital work, my Imac with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and my Wacom Intuos drawing tablet have always been an important part of my trusty toolkit. Now also having an Ipad with Procreate, I can work a lot more intuitively in those techniques ♥