Catharinaland Mural

Hofzichtlaan, The Hague

^ Process video by Juan Carlos Leal Rojas

2022 | Catharinaland Mural
Mural collaboration with Tobias Becker Hoff for Staedion, supported by MICHA and The Hague Streetart

Staedion Mijn Thuis

These murals were produced as one of the winning entries of the ‘Staedion Mijn Thuis’ Competition. This housing corporation was looking for projects that would enrich the living environment of their tenants. Because Haagse Hout was bombed by accident in WWII, Mariahoeve is built with a typical post-war philosophy: light, air and space. This results in lots of room for nature, but also a high number of grey concrete flats, that could use a splash of colour!

I joined forces with street artists Micha de Bie and Tobias Becker Hoff to write a plan for several murals in the Catharinaland area. Our project was one of the winners and we painted two murals: One by Tobias & me and one by MICHA & OTNER. The neighbours were involved in choosing the final designs.

The Process:

Pencil drawing on paper, digital colouring in Photoshop by me with my Wacom Intuos and Tobias on his iPad. Then transferred to the wall with a beamer and painted together, with brushes and spray cans. The design by Micha and Otner was transferred to the wall using a hand drawn grid and spray painted.