Character Design

A little #throwback to some really old work: some sketches for Character Design lessons in my first year in Art School, and a little series of pixel characters I made even before starting there.

Working on #sixfanart I got thrown back to the series and games I loved as a teen. I listened to their soundtracks while drawing and an album by Anthony Steward Head (Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) that I listened to a lot back then.

It made me re-realise I’ve been stuck in the same pattern for a long time and it made me loose the joy of just drawing, without the idea of what it should become beforehand.

One of the down sides of drawing for a living I guess.. I felt like sharing, because I know a lot of artists recognise this realisation.

#thankyouanthony #throwbackthursday #backtothestart #pointofnoreturn #characterdesign #gooutanddoit

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