The Archives

chronological overview of my artistic endeavours, ‘killed darlings’ included ♥

Important Notice:

This page is for educational purposes.

Why am I sharing discarded work and low quality pics?

Because I think it is important for (beginning) artists to see that we all started just messing around, knowing that we really loved making art and found our own ways of improving ourselves. Just for fun or with the goal of becoming a professional.

Not everything you make is meant to be a masterpiece. Some of it becomes crucial inbetweens.

Working hard is the best way to improve your skills, but life makes sure your artistic path has thriving periods, frustrating periods and resting periods, and just like your personal development, does not grow in a straight line.

It comes in spirals ♥ Be gentle with yourself!


2011-now | The Hague

2020 | Bakkerij Vroon
Riso Print as a personal gift for a group of people doing very important work

During Art School

2006-2011 | Willem de Kooning Academy | Rotterdam

2011 | Puellis Publica
Gliclee Prints for WdKA Graduation Festival at Fenixloodsen

2010 | Besloten
Installation for The individual vs. The collective exhibition at foundation B.a.d

2009 | Tunnel
Aquatint Etching

2009 | All I want is proof
Linocut Print

2008 | What if we would meet…
Polymer Etching

2008 | The Wait
Line Etching

Before Art School

pure teen nostalgia ♥

2006 | Mave, Inca & Roa
Pixel Characters for a The Legend of Zelda inspired Fanart

2005 | Powerpuff Jerney
Self Portrait for a Powerpuff Girls inspired Fanart