a look behind the scenes during an Instagram challenge

Joanne Hawker‘s very popular Instagram challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker® is back in 2023 for another month long challenge that helps artists to talk about every aspect of their small creative business!  It is meant to stimulate creative posting, making new friends and discovering an incredible amount of new talent to follow ♥.

I participated with some of the prompts, to give you a personal look behind the scenes…

Hope you enjoy!

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Start of the day:

Rain or shine, every morning starts with a morning walk with my dog Wicc. Beginning the day with the wind in my hair, the sun on my skin and birds chirping, has an energising effect and always feels like a micro-adventure in nature 🌿 It’s also a great way to clear my mind and prioritise abstract plans into a structured to do list for the day.

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Learn:

After my first daughter was born, I started teaching at events, at schools, from my studio and for many cultural clients and projects 🎨. It started as mainly Art courses and workshops, many different Printmaking techniques for my own studio or for Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag and in time it broadened towards Nature education.

Since we started Toverbosch we’ve been combining Art & Nature education in a great mix of creative outdoor activities! 🌿 Experimenting, discovering new materials, sharing ideas, looking at the world from a different angle; it is all part of life long learning.

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Big or small:

Traditionally, printmaking and drawing are the techniques for smaller pieces of art. Most of my drawings and prints vary between mini prints to poster size. But I actually love drawing bigger work as well, because I don’t fall into my routines so easily. I experiment more and create pieces in other styles and techniques.

A while ago I started painting murals, which is very different because of the scale. For me, drawing is really something intimate, focusing on little details, being in my own little bubble and has a calming effect. Making murals is very public, physical and energizing, so that is a welcome addition to the mix!

#MarchMeetTheMaker – From idea to product:

As an artist one of the biggest challenges is to look at all the ideas you have, all the projects you’ve been wanting to do for so long and pick just one, that is worth your time. Honestly looking at how realistic your plan is, is very important, but sometimes you shouldn’t think about it too  long, and just start. Many years ago, I came up with a ‘to-want-to-do-box’ to store the other ideas, so I can focus on one thing at a time, without actually killing my darlings.

Pulling through with a project, actually finishing it without an external deadline, and being happy with the result, for me is the hardest part. For that, I would like to tip one of my favourite video’s by Jake Parker: ‘Finished Not Perfect‘.

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Glow up / Decision:

Last but not least, my final look behind the scenes during #marchmeetthemaker.
I couldn’t pick between ‘Glow up’ and ‘Decision’, so I’m combining them!

Every time I read the prompt ‘Glow up’, I read it as ‘Grow up’, which is funny, because the past few months I’ve been taking myself and my choices a lot more seriously. Was that necesary? Yes. Because constantly dividing my energy over too many projects, combined with my inconsistent sleeping habits, was really getting the best of me.

In January I made the huge decision to stop my coordination activities for our community project ‘in het Toverbosch‘. This beautiful place and even more beautiful group of people, have been my safe haven for the past 5 years. And although I knew for a long time I needed to cut down on my Toverbosch hours to fully refocus on my own creative work again, it was hard to let this one go.

In February I underwent two weeks of Daylight Therapy, helping me to ‘reboot’ my internal clock and practice with really strict sleeping habits. And in the meantime I focused on handing over my activities to the rest of the team. Yesterday we had a wonderful, yet very serious meeting about it, in order to allow the project to grow into the next phase ♥. I am happy, and sad, and thankful, and loving the space we’ve created.

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